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 Afan Forest Park, Port Talbot, SA13 3ES      01639 852500

Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Guided cycle Rides let you enjoy the best of Afan Forest Park with expert leadership and support from our highly experienced guiding team, with flexible ride choices on many days. This is further enhanced by the presence of support vehicles.

Why do I need a guided Ride?

Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Ok here's the thing, jumping on your bike and riding the way marked trails is great and we encourage all our customers to use the trails as much as possible. However, the Afan Forest Park is an amazing 110,000 hectares of Mountain biking Heaven simply waiting to be explored.

Our experienced guides can guide you! show you the Natural Trails, "the secret stuff" enough stuff to get you biking for the next 5 years!!! As one guest said "I didn't know the Alps existed in Afan".

The Qualified Cycle Leader & Local Expert

A local guide is your connection to the world around you, a vital link that lets you get closer to the culture, the people and the country you visit. For many this element of cycling is the most important part of any holiday – it's not so much the cycling, but the connection to the world around you that is so enjoyable.

Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Our Guides enthusiasm for their home play ground, and for sharing its magic with you, really sets them apart and adds a dimension to your trip that is hard to explain or put a value on. If there are local guiding qualifications then they will have these too – topping up their knowledge on the history, ecology and other interesting topics that can help to enrich your stay.

A major benefit is the smooth, safe running of your ride, which is of paramount importance when you're cycling this safety comes in many forms:

Knowing that your bike is checked daily, by someone qualified to spot mechanical problems and sort them out.

Having a leader who can give tips or advice on how to be more skilled or comfortable on your bike, and get maximum enjoyment out of the cycling.

Having a leader who can manage emergencies with calm efficiency.

With all of this comes an ability to inject fun, energy and great experiences into any trip, so they really go the extra mile to make sure everything runs perfectly.